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GT Gymnastics Owners St. Louis, MO, Jackson, MO

GT Gymnastics Owners

The McGinley Family – Gary, Doris, Thomas, and Erin – would like to thank you for the opportunity to impact your child’s life and trusting us with your child’s well being.

We have been involved in the sport of gymnastics since 1997. During this time, my family has worked hard to learn coaching techniques from around the country and, in 2003, we put all of our efforts into our facility in Saint Charles. Since then, our original location has grown to 12,000 square feet and we have expanded to Cape Girardeau County, where a 15,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility was built in 2014.

Both of our facilities were founded with the belief that gymnastics is the root of all sports. It develops strength, speed, and coordination while instilling the values of discipline and teamwork in your athlete. No better foundation can be laid than one built on the basic progressions of gymnastics.

My family and I are happy to invite you into our home and be a part of your gymnastics experience.

Gary McGinley

Owner/Head Coach