How young can my child start taking classes?

GT Performance has classes for children as young as 20 months. At that age, they can enroll in our Future Flippers preschool program. Once your child turns five they can enroll in any of our recreational gymnastics, tumbling, or cheer classes.

Can my friend, who does not attend classes at GT, come to Open Gym or Summer Camps?

Yes. Any child, age 5 and up, is welcome to attend any open gym, camp, or activity night.

If I sign up for multiple sessions, do I receive a discount?

Yes. Our Semester Saver program gives you the option to pay for 3 sessions at once. When you do this, you will save $20 on each of the three sessions. This saves you a total of $60!

Do you offer trial classes?

Yes. We encourage your child to take advantage of ONE free trial class before deciding whether to sign up for one of the classes at GT.

Does GT host birthday parties?

Yes. GT offers multiple birthday party packages to make your child’s special day as easy as possible. Typically, parties are held on Saturday afternoons; call our office for other available times and to schedule your party.

Do you prorate my session tuition if I miss some classes?

We will only prorate your tuition during the first session that you enroll. After that, when you miss a class you can contact the office or visit the Parent Portal to arrange a make-up class.

Can we make-up classes if we take vacations during the summer?

If your child will only miss once a session, then they can make-up that class during another available time or attend one of our Open Gyms. If they will miss more than one class per session, we recommend enrolling in our Summer Flex Program. We offer two sessions throughout the summer (from May to August); when you enroll in Summer Flex, you can pick any eight weeks that you want to attend during Session 3 and 4. Visit the front desk for more information and to enroll in the Summer Flex Program.

Can my child take more than one class per week?

Yes. Enrolling in additional classes will help your child develop strength and skills at a faster rate. Bonus — additional classes are offered at a discounted rate.

Does GT close for severe weather?

Yes. GT typically closes when nearby school districts are closed for snow days. When this occurs, an announcement will be posted on our homepage and on Facebook.

Are make-up classes available when GT has a scheduled day off?

No. Our session dates are planned to incorporate all 8 classes that are included in your session tuition.

What method can I use to pay my fees?

We accept cash, all major credit cards, and checks made out to GT Gymnastics.

Can I make-up if I miss a class?

Yes. We allow UNLIMITED make up classes throughout your 8-week session. If your child misses a class, contact the front desk or visit the Parent Portal to schedule a make-up class. If none of the available class times for your child’s level work with your schedule, contact the Front Desk to ask about other options. NOTE: Make-ups must be scheduled during the session in which you are enrolled and in a class that has openings.

We have a schedule conflict; can I switch classes in the middle of a session?

Yes. As long as GT has openings for the time you are interested in, you can switch mid-session. We do ask that you contact the office to check availability and switch class times.

How can I help my child progress faster?

Your child will progress at a faster rate when they develop more strength and perform their skills more often. To do this safely, we recommend adding a additional classes or attend Open Gyms to give your child more time and experience in the gym.

Can my school, club, or scout troop schedule an event or field trip at GT?

Yes. GT offers many field trip, outing, and even fundraising options for your group. Contact our office to find out more information.

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for energetic coaches who can help us achieve our goal of providing superior instruction. Please call your desired location for more information or fill out an application here

Am I automatically enrolled each session, or do I need to sign up each time?

No. During Week 5 of the session that you are currently enrolled in, our office will send you a reminder that the next session is coming soon. If you enroll two weeks before the start of the next session, you will receive a Priority Enrollment discount. Because our classes fill up quickly, we cannot guarantee that your child will be able to regain a place in their desired class.

What should my child wear to their class?

Girls can wear either a leotard or a T-shirt and gym shorts with their hair pulled back into a ponytail or bun. Boys should wear a T-shirt and gym shorts (no buttons or zippers). We ask that all children go barefooted and remove all jewelry and gum before entering the gym.

Do I need to check my child in at the front desk before each class?

Yes. Before each class, either yourself or your child will need to inform the front desk staff of who they are and which class they are checking in for. This ensures that we have all children in the appropriate class and that all children are accounted for should there be an emergency.